No, this is not a post with bad spelling about a MAZDA automobile. I know we are all working hard to MAGA – Make America Great Again by attempting to take away each other’s healthcare and giving YUGE tax cuts to the wealthy and corporations, but I’d be happy with taking baby steps in that direction. How about this? I would be happy if something could be done to stop this from happening to my car seat every time I open the car door on a snowy day.

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Ranking the Late Night Talk Show Hosts Named Jimmy

#1 – Jimmy Kimmel

Known for his comedy bits and recently for his fight for affordable healthcare for all.

#2 – Johnny Carson

Despite being deceased and not named Jimmy, Carson somehow made the list.

End of list.

Editor’s Note: Jimmy Fallon is not included since he received no votes due to being painfully not entertaining.

Can I get an explanation for this healthcare explanation?

With a Senate healthcare bill vote looming next week, I wanted to make sure I completely understood Donald Trump’s position on pre-existing conditions. I decided to re-read the transcript from the NY Times interview he gave last week. Maybe that would give me some clarity of understanding. Here’s what he had to say.

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