Trump Re-writes African Map

Donald Trump addressed African leaders at the UN today. Right there, we should all utter an “uh-oh.” Yes, it was bad, but I found one part interesting.

In his remarks, Trump singled out Nambia as an African country which has a healthcare system that is “increasingly self-sufficient.” Hmmm, that sounds pretty good. You may not have noticed, but Donald Trump and other Republican leaders are doing their worst to absolutely gut the USA’s healthcare system. As a crack investigative journalist (oh to be an investigative journalist on crack), I felt I should take a closer look at Nambia’s healthcare system since it seemed to have caught Trump’s eye. Maybe I could even combine this trip with a family vacation?

The problem I encountered is that there is no Nambia. There is a Zambia. Ugh, landlocked, so no oceanfront holiday beach cottage. Pass. There is a Namibia. Ah, oceanfront beach. That’s for me, but is Namibia the country Trump was referencing or does he really think there is a Nambia somewhere? did publish Trump’s speech, with his Nambia gaffe corrected in print to Namibia.

So Namibia it is. Let’s go see Namibia’s increasingly self-sufficient healthcare system. Trump seems to like it. Oops, hold up there. I see that just a couple days ago at the UN, Namibia voted against the inclusion on the UN agenda of a motion meant to compel countries to uphold the principles and norms that safeguard humanity. Hmmm, Namibia is against safeguarding humanity. Kenya believe that? Maybe a family trip to Wisconsin might be a better idea.

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