New Music for Old Rockers – Bob Moses Edition

I changed the name of this recurring music review feature after the first one from Auralicious to New Music for Old Rockers. Auralicious sounds too salacious and too slurpy for my taste. I think the new title is more descriptive of what I want to offer up, and is easier for me to spell and pronounce.

Just because rockers get old, we shouldn’t live in the past and listen to nothing but old music. We should continue to find new music to enjoy because there’s a lot of it out there. In some cases, we can find echoes of the past in the new music. Such is the case with this post’s featured artists.

So who is Bob Moses?

bob moses

Q: Which one is Bob? Which one is Moses?

A: No Bob. No Moses. Bob Moses is a Canadian duo, supposedly named after a NY City Planner named Robert Moses. The Bob Moses song that grabbed me is called “Back Down” from their second album named Battle Lines. Take a listen.

For a guy like me who still loves 80’s music, Bob Moses took me for a comfortable walk down memory lane with their listenable 80ish-sounding synth pop. It’s not just the Bob Moses sound that I like, but the lyrics are thought-provoking and relatable.

“Your reality is our insanity.” Ugh, tell me about it.

“Ties that we’ve made have been broken by the lies that pull us apart.” I’m sure we all have a story like that.

“Time that we take will be stolen from a dream that was almost ours.” Don’t wait. Do stuff now!

For me, Bob Moses reminds me a bit of Tears For Fears, and that’s not a bad thing. Bob Moses may not want to rule the world, but apparently they also won’t back down. And they have already won a Grammy according to Wikipedia. “A remix of their song “Tearing Me Up”, by RAC, won a Grammy Award for best remixed recording, non-classical.” I don’t exactly know what all of that means, but congrats! I hope you enjoyed your listen.

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