Inspired by Nature

I woke up to -9 degrees Fahrenheit this morning. I’m inspired to stay inside and not leave the house until June. For some reason, this winter pic reminds me of Paul Manafort and now Roger Stone.



It also inspired me to come up with an idea that could reopen the US government. What are the two words that could reopen the US government?

Ice Slats.

That’s right, make Trump’s wall not from concrete or steel slats, but from ice slats. There would be ZERO material cost as the water can come directly from the Rio Grande River along the border. And if illegal immigrants try and melt a hole in the wall by sucking or licking through the ice slats, they run the risk of this happening …

tongue frozen.gif

Who knew that reopening the US government could be so simple? I’m ready to start the chant now …

Freeze the Wall!