Flies On Washington Walls #146 – Special Multi-Panel Trump Oranges Edition

FOWW #146a Oranges

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Inspired by Nature

I woke up to -9 degrees Fahrenheit this morning. I’m inspired to stay inside and not leave the house until June. For some reason, this winter pic reminds me of Paul Manafort and now Roger Stone.



It also inspired me to come up with an idea that could reopen the US government. What are the two words that could reopen the US government?

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Immigration Explained

Now that I am an ordained minister, I feel it is incumbent upon me to explain and sermonize about humanitarian issues like immigration. I can easily explain the basics of immigration thanks to this drawing I found on Twitter.immigation

But there is so much more. For example, this picture doesn’t even begin to address the use of “unbelievable vehicles” by the Mexican drug cartels.

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Send in the Clones

Not sure what was up with the four bald dudes (bad name for a barbershop quartet) with Trump at yesterday’s press briefing on border security.

bald clones2

And did they miss a major portion of Trump’s head & face with the orange make-up or tanning cream or Cheeto dust or whatever he uses to get that unnatural burnt orange hue?

bald clones trump color.v1 (1)

Maybe we should demand he get his make-up correct before we consider giving him 5 billion dollars for a border wall.



Trump Unveils New Plan for Illegal Immigrants to Stay in USA

On the campaign trail today at a Misogynist Club luncheon in Cedar Hills, Iowa, Donald Trump unveiled a radical new plan that will allow illegal immigrants to stay in the USA while also helping keep our border secure.

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