A Broad Perspective on Winter Weather

We had delightful weather in December here in greater Chicagoland. The first half of January was okay, too. My 10 year old daughter was able to ride the bike she got for Christmas several times. We made it halfway through the winter months without much pain and suffering. I didn’t feel the need to use my magic sunshine light to counteract my Seasonal Affective Disorder.

SAD Lamp

I laughed. I made climate change jokes. I rejoiced … too soon. The fun is definitely over. Here’s where we are at now …temp

See that snow on Monday? It is rumored to be deep. And then there’s Wednesday. A high of -10. Just to clarify, that is -10 Fahrenheit, not Celsius or Kelvin. I’m not sure if -10 in Celsius or Kelvin would be better or worse. I think -10 anything is a bad idea.

I will not be able to survive next week. There is no doubt in my mind. I will freeze solid.


I may as well just get it over with right now.

snow dive.gif

Except … the new season of Broad City starts tonight. True, it is the final season, so it is bittersweet, but I’ll take it. Please Abbi and Ilana, get me through this.


I’ll take that as a “yas.” Gotta go for my pre-show prep.

Broad city stoner.gif