Not in Her House

The back & forth has been fascinating to watch.

  • Donald Trump accepts Nancy Pelosi’s invitation to make a State of the Union address.
  • Pelosi rescinds the invite due to security concerns during the government shutdown.
  • Trump says he is coming anyway to make the speech.
  • Pelosi advises him that he is not coming without a concurrent resolution that her House will not pass.
  • Trump looks dumbfounded when informed about needing a concurrent resolution.

People have used the analogy that Trump is playing checkers while Special Counsel Robert Mueller is playing chess. That may or may not be. If Trump and Pelosi are both playing chess, Queen Pelosi is chasing King Trump across the board, putting him in check with every move she makes.

I don’t put it past Trump to just show up. If he does, I think this may be the result.

pelosi gavel.gif

Thanks to @Tarquin_Helmet on Twitter for his movie that became that cute gif.