A Good Day For Trump Bashing

Today feels to me like a good day to bash Donald Trump. I don’t very often feel bad about making fun of Trump. He is a heinous individual. Really sub-human in a cretinous sort of way. Hey, even the dictionary tells me he is a worthless cheat.

trumpery definition

The person who summed up best how I feel is the Make Anagrams Great Again guy on Twitter, Chris Davis @tweakyourpc with this acrostic poem.

anagram trump name.gif

Wow, that really nails my feelings for Trump. But then I do sometimes feel bad if I take a cheap shot at him about something he can’t help, like his tiny hands. In my recent Flies On Washington Walls SOTU address preview, I had the flies predict there would be more of this type of two-fisted drinking.

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An Open Letter to American Employers

Dear American Employers,

I am writing to you to ask that you please excuse any hungover employees today. They are likely hungover due to watching Donald Trump’s State of the Union address. They probably played a drinking game associated with the Trump SOTU address, possibly a drink every time Trump sniffed or made a partisan comment. And really, drinking was the only way to get through that whole speech of his. Please cut the hungover drunks some slack today. They are patriots and were just doing their civic duty.

Resistingly yours,

Jim Flanigan


Not in Her House

The back & forth has been fascinating to watch.

  • Donald Trump accepts Nancy Pelosi’s invitation to make a State of the Union address.
  • Pelosi rescinds the invite due to security concerns during the government shutdown.
  • Trump says he is coming anyway to make the speech.
  • Pelosi advises him that he is not coming without a concurrent resolution that her House will not pass.
  • Trump looks dumbfounded when informed about needing a concurrent resolution.

People have used the analogy that Trump is playing checkers while Special Counsel Robert Mueller is playing chess. That may or may not be. If Trump and Pelosi are both playing chess, Queen Pelosi is chasing King Trump across the board, putting him in check with every move she makes.

I don’t put it past Trump to just show up. If he does, I think this may be the result.

pelosi gavel.gif

Thanks to @Tarquin_Helmet on Twitter for his movie that became that cute gif.

Pleased to meet you. Hope you guess my name.

If you are any sort of a rock music fan, you will recognize this blog post title as lyrics from Sympathy for the Devil by the Rolling Stones. It’s a really good song, although it did not get tagged as my favorite Stones song in this My Fave Faves post from a couple weeks ago. Yep, still trying to cross-promote posts with little success. But this is not a music blog post. It’s about one of my family members alleging that I worship Lucifer. Huh? I think we’re hosting Easter this year for the family. Could be more interesting now that that’s on the table. I’m thinking of decorating all the Easter eggs with pentagrams.

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