A Good Day For Trump Bashing

Today feels to me like a good day to bash Donald Trump. I don’t very often feel bad about making fun of Trump. He is a heinous individual. Really sub-human in a cretinous sort of way. Hey, even the dictionary tells me he is a worthless cheat.

trumpery definition

The person who summed up best how I feel is the Make Anagrams Great Again guy on Twitter, Chris Davis @tweakyourpc with this acrostic poem.

anagram trump name.gif

Wow, that really nails my feelings for Trump. But then I do sometimes feel bad if I take a cheap shot at him about something he can’t help, like his tiny hands. In my recent Flies On Washington Walls SOTU address preview, I had the flies predict there would be more of this type of two-fisted drinking.

Trump drinking

Okay, cheap shot. I admit it. Tiny hands. He could probably benefit from a sippy cup. Just kidding. That two-fisted drinking couldn’t happen again. And then it did actually happen at the SOTU.

Trump drinking glass

What is wrong with him? Obvious drinking problem. Maybe I can chip in an anagram.

anagram trump bashing

So are my anagrams. I’ll leave it to the anagram expert on Twitter @tweakyourpc for this gem to close this post.

anagram trump brain

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