A Good Day For Trump Bashing

Today feels to me like a good day to bash Donald Trump. I don’t very often feel bad about making fun of Trump. He is a heinous individual. Really sub-human in a cretinous sort of way. Hey, even the dictionary tells me he is a worthless cheat.

trumpery definition

The person who summed up best how I feel is the Make Anagrams Great Again guy on Twitter, Chris Davis @tweakyourpc with this acrostic poem.

anagram trump name.gif

Wow, that really nails my feelings for Trump. But then I do sometimes feel bad if I take a cheap shot at him about something he can’t help, like his tiny hands. In my recent Flies On Washington Walls SOTU address preview, I had the flies predict there would be more of this type of two-fisted drinking.

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MAGA – Make Anagrams Great Again

I realize that my earlier post today was not very funny. It was more of a cathartic blog/scream for me. Let’s call it a bleam. I just can’t get over our elected legislators siding with Russia, even if some of them are elected by people in Sharthole, Mississippi. No offense to Shartholians.

But Twitter made me smile today. I suggested to @tweakyourpc who is Chris Davis of Make Anagrams Great Again to do a Where’s Mitch anagram. That’s what we are all asking. Mitch McConnell is not putting bills on the Senate floor to reopen the US government, and has been generally hiding out recently, except for voting to lift Russia sanctions. Traitor! Oops, there I go again. Anyway, @tweakyourpc Chris obliged with this gem …

anagram where's mitch

Thanks to Chris for making me smile. I hope you do, too.