New Music for Old Rockers – Morgxn Edition

No, I didn’t ignore spellcheck. The new music artist in this post is actually Morgan Karr, but he goes professionally by the name Morgxn or morgxn. He’s not actually a young guy as he’s on the wrong side of 30, but he’s pretty new to the music biz. He went from his home in Nashville to NY to act, and then out to LA to be a musician. He just put out his first album in the middle of 2018. It did as well as his acting career. It didn’t chart. But this single Home featuring Walk The Moon has charted and is fabulous. Take a listen. Skip to the 1 minute mark if you want to skip the weird video intro to get right to the weird music video.

Why does the singer that we catch glimpses of after the 3 minute mark not look like morgxn/Morgxn/Morgan? Regardless, I think this song is a winner since both my ten year old daughter and I like it. Music to span multiple generations is rare.

Keeping in mind that morgxn’s debut album went nowhere, I wonder if Walk The Moon is what makes this song sound so good. Here’s Anna Sun by Walk The Moon.

Definitely poppy, but I don’t like the sound as much as I do Home’s sound. Regardless of where morgxn goes in the future, he’s definitely heading Home in 2019 with a hit.