US Democracy Bends, Doesn’t Break

Well, that was a weird day yesterday. It has been covered to death in the press, but of course, I have questions.

First, what’s up with these guys scaling the walls?

There are steps. Lots of them. The Capitol Steps are literally famous. Tourists go to see them.

I guess when you have rioters looking like this, common sense is not always a priority.

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Winnowing the Candidates – Pelosi’s Revenge

To catch-up the Trump supporters and similar slow/non-readers of this blog, here are the candidates we have eliminated from the Democratic primary race to date.

I mean, really, someone has to tell these people to go home and stop wasting money. I felt bad about the Delaney winnowing since he was the first in the race and seems like a good guy, until I saw this …

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Not in Her House

The back & forth has been fascinating to watch.

  • Donald Trump accepts Nancy Pelosi’s invitation to make a State of the Union address.
  • Pelosi rescinds the invite due to security concerns during the government shutdown.
  • Trump says he is coming anyway to make the speech.
  • Pelosi advises him that he is not coming without a concurrent resolution that her House will not pass.
  • Trump looks dumbfounded when informed about needing a concurrent resolution.

People have used the analogy that Trump is playing checkers while Special Counsel Robert Mueller is playing chess. That may or may not be. If Trump and Pelosi are both playing chess, Queen Pelosi is chasing King Trump across the board, putting him in check with every move she makes.

I don’t put it past Trump to just show up. If he does, I think this may be the result.

pelosi gavel.gif

Thanks to @Tarquin_Helmet on Twitter for his movie that became that cute gif.

A Weight Has Been Lifted

My life has been decidedly different the past two months. Sure, the Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s holidays have played a role in changing my life as I have been selling my blood plasma weekly in order to pay for holiday entertaining and presents. Do you know how hard it is to type when you’re woozy from being a pint low? But that’s not the real change. I’m talking about shedding a weight that has rested heavy on my shoulders the past two years. I know, I know, I should also shed some weight around my mid-section. But that weight on my shoulders was formidable, and now it is almost completely gone, lifting itself from my shoulders pound by pound daily over the past two months. And it has definitely changed this blog. Thank God something has. I’ll explain.

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