US Democracy Bends, Doesn’t Break

Well, that was a weird day yesterday. It has been covered to death in the press, but of course, I have questions.

First, what’s up with these guys scaling the walls?

There are steps. Lots of them. The Capitol Steps are literally famous. Tourists go to see them.

I guess when you have rioters looking like this, common sense is not always a priority.

Who dresses like that for a riot? Who wears a hat like that to a riot? That makes me nostalgic for a simpler time 99 years ago at the Straw Hat Riot that resulted in headlines like this …

Seven spanked. Oh, the shame. Full story HERE.

Apparently, the right wing nutjobs that assaulted the Capitol yesterday have now realized that they may be in trouble and subject to arrest and prosecution. However, they are conflicted. They want to be viewed as “patriotic revolutionaries,” but they don’t want to go to jail. So, now the story is that they were there protesting, but the rioting was a false flag operation run by Antifa. They are like …

Fortunately, there are videos and pics. Lots of videos and pics. Like this one in Nancy Pelosi’s office.

That is NOT Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. Sure, she’s 80 now, but she takes care of herself and is a pretty good looking 80. Not like this proud goon showing off the trophy mail he stole from Pelosi’s office.

I hope he enjoys looking at that framed piece of mail hanging from his prison cell wall.

And what’s with the bare chests? Nobody wants to see their bare chests. I guess a case can be made that no shirt goes well with a horned buffalo hat. But take a look at the old Pelosi office guy.

Indoors, he has his flannel on over 2 shirts. Then outside, in January, in the middle of winter, he has removed both shirts and just sports his flannel. He’s obviously confused as to how to dress for the weather … or success. He won’t have to worry about that too much longer. I understand that he’ll be supplied some snappy-looking threads in prison, but no straw hat. We don’t want any more riots.