Winnowing the Candidates – Pelosi’s Revenge

To catch-up the Trump supporters and similar slow/non-readers of this blog, here are the candidates we have eliminated from the Democratic primary race to date.

I mean, really, someone has to tell these people to go home and stop wasting money. I felt bad about the Delaney winnowing since he was the first in the race and seems like a good guy, until I saw this …

Delaney Rich

I no longer feel bad. His millions can keep him company while he’s not occupying the White House.

Now that Uncle Joe Biden is in the race and Colorado Senator Michael Bennet is getting ready to enter the race, the 5 candidates we have eliminated account for less than 25% of  total candidates. Time to drop a couple more, and these will bring a smile to Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s face.

House Reps Seth Moulton and Tim Ryan were vocal opponents to Nancy Pelosi and her successful effort to regain the position as Speaker of the House. If they didn’t have enough support from Democrats to become Speaker of the House, then there is no way they will get enough Democratic support to become President. In fact, they don’t even get a picture in this blog post. That is how lightly regarded they are. They have officially been eliminated from the race. They will receive faxed notification from this blog and a consolation Gore-Lieberman mug from the 2000 race.

Gore Lieberman Mug

Question: Would Donald Trump occupy the White House today if Al Gore had contested the 2000 Florida election results and been elected President?

Answer: Nobody cares since our reality is that we have a dementia-addled madman running this country into the ground, and voting him out of office has a higher priority than answering my stupid questions posited in this stupid blog.

Back to the winnowing, you may wonder why I didn’t chop another House Rep in Eric Swalwell and former House Rep Beto O’Rourke who has been sliding in the polls. Beto will be on the debate stage, and he’s got the charisma, the “it” factor, to rise right back up the polls. I’ll give him some more rope. And he also does not have a current job, so he can campaign constantly which will help his cause.

As for Swalwell, I like him a lot and donated to him to help get him to 65,000 donors and qualify him for the debate stage. I would hate to think that I wasted my dollar. He’s still in, but hanging on by a thread.

I have identified 6 candidates who are safe for now: Beto, Swalwell (thanks to my dollar), Sen Amy Klobuchar, Sen Kamala Harris, Sen Liz Warren, and Mayor Pete. Uncle Joe Biden doesn’t need me to declare him safe. He has quickly risen safely to the top of the polls. As for the rest, the winnowing is coming for them soon.