Winnowing the Candidates – Summer Vacation Edition

So far, we have made progress in winnowing the candidates. Here’s who we have winnowed so far:

  • Bernie Sanders
  • Tulsi Gabbard
  • John Delaney
  • Seth Moulton
  • Tim Ryan
  • Mike Gravel
  • John Hickenlooper
  • Wayne Messam
  • Andrew Yang
  • Eric Swalwell

Needs reasons? Just search this blog for winnowing to find all the posts. That leaves us with this field remaining.

Dem Candidates 22 wo swalwell

Except, I wasn’t quite sure who this guy is … Dem unknown

Reverse Google Image Search suggested Dr. Dorociak, a dentist from Sarasota or the deceased Daniel Judd of Gloucester, MA. I wouldn’t doubt that either of them may be running. I narrowed it down to an already-winnowed Tim Ryan or new-to-the-race NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio. Not quite sure, but it won’t matter by the end of this article. Spoiler alert!

Not pictured is former Alaskan Senator and current old man Mike Gravel, responsible for the coolest meme of the 2020 campaign so far.

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Winnowing the Candidates – Pelosi’s Revenge

To catch-up the Trump supporters and similar slow/non-readers of this blog, here are the candidates we have eliminated from the Democratic primary race to date.

I mean, really, someone has to tell these people to go home and stop wasting money. I felt bad about the Delaney winnowing since he was the first in the race and seems like a good guy, until I saw this …

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Winnowing the Candidates – Part 1 Revised – Pete’s Back, Back Pete

Thankfully, South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg has taken his sweet time to officially announce he’s out of the Democratic race for President after I cut him last week. I’m certain he’s not ignoring me, and has just been getting his campaign in order before withdrawing gracefully from the race. Hold on, Mayor Pete. You’re back in.

My decision is partially because there was a winnowing of potential candidates that organically took place over the last week. Just take a look at this list that announced they are not running:

  • Michael Bloomberg. He will have to find solace with just being a billionaire and the 9th richest person in the world. Poor guy.
  • Hillary Clinton. She will have to be satisfied knowing that she could win the popular vote against Trump … again.
  • Senator Jeff Merkly. I like him even more after he pranked us with this video announcing he will not run.
  • Senator Sherrod Brown. He took Ben Carson’s advice at the 1:00 minute mark in this video, and he’ll be reprising Peter Falk’s role as Columbo in a new Broadway play. brown columbo 1
  • Former Attorney General Eric Holder. He is the main reason Mayor Pete is back in the race. I’ll explain.

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Fox Business Network Promises Smoother Republican Debate

Republican presidential hopefuls should feel more comfortable with the next debate hosted by conservative-friendly Fox Business Network. The last debate hosted by CNBC featured significant squabbling between the candidates and liberal-media moderators with plenty of perceived “gotcha” questions. Fox Business promises a smoother format that will permit the candidates more opportunity to present their campaign platforms without interference from partisan moderators. Continue reading “Fox Business Network Promises Smoother Republican Debate”

Random Thoughts on the CNBC Republican Debate Candidates

Rather than debating who won or who lost the CNBC Republican debate, I am pleased to offer random thoughts on each candidate.

Chris Christie – Is there any doubt that Christie bets on daily fantasy sports? He was sure quick to deflect that topic.

Mike Huckabee – I was not sure if Huckabee is running for President or for Donald Trump’s VP slot.

Carly Fiorina – She may want to talk to the House Benghazi Committee before challenging Hillary Clinton to a debate.

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Republicans Plan New Debate Format

With the number of Republican Presidential Primary Candidates not declining as quickly as expected, the Republican National Committee is considering a change in their debate format. The current format of an overloaded main debate among candidates leading in the polls as well as a “kiddie-table” debate among those candidates at the bottom of the polls has proven cumbersome at best. Continue reading “Republicans Plan New Debate Format”

Republican Primary Frogs

I have frogs in my pond.  I think they are Republican Primary Frogs.

Republican Frogs
Republican Primary Frogs

You can see 2 very visibly in the picture, but there are actually 3 more hiding in the reeds!  I’m not sure how they got into my pond.  I don’t want them in my pond, but they just showed up anyway.  The nearest body of water is about a half mile away.  It took some effort to get to my pond without an invitation.  Yes, they are entertaining at times, but they are also kind of hard to get rid of at the end of the season.  I have to drain the pond and haul them away to a place where they can safely overwinter. Even after doing that, the next spring I still pull a dead one or two from the pond that just couldn’t stay away.

On top of all that, how am I sure that they are Republican Primary Frogs?  Despite their large numbers, only one is black.