The American Flag on Facebook

I feel the need to explain to all those expecting to see the American flag superimposed over Facebook profile pictures after the San Bernadino mass shooting why they don’t and shouldn’t expect to. I find it a bit sad that people would expect that, kind of like how I feel when I see a bug missing most of its legs, flailing around on the ground before I put it out of its misery. Just like some American Facebookers superimposed the French flag over our profile pics after the French terror attacks, there are many in the USA who expect to see the American flag used in the same way on Facebook. Well first, do you have Facebook friends outside the USA? See, here’s how it works. Other countries, outside of the country where the terror attacks occurred, will show support. That’s how it worked after the terror attacks in France. Facebookers in the USA (the USA is NOT in France) superimposed the French flag over their profile pics and loved how they were “fighting terrorism” and “supporting the victims” although neither was the result. So if you don’t have Facebook friends outside of the USA, don’t expect to see many American flags on profiles, except those profiles of the Republican presidential candidates.

Probably the biggest reason that Facebookers around the globe are not rushing to change their Facebook profile pics with a superimposed American flag is because the terror just doesn’t stop in the USA. We have more mass shootings than days in the year. Facebook supporters of the USA would have to show the American flag on their profile pics every sad day of the year.

We really don’t need more American flags superimposed on Facebook profile pics. What we really need are fewer guns getting into the hands of mass shooting terrorists.

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