Outdoor Art Center Open for the Season

The Flanigan Outdoor Center Of Craptacular Art (FOCOCA) is officially open from now until March 1st. The centerpiece of the exhibit is called Melange of Metal …

Melange of Metal

Some have interpreted this piece to be symbolic of the chaos in the universe. Most realize our shed is not big enough to store all our junk.

Also on display will be Birdbath with Inverted Top …

Birdbath with Inverted Top

This piece has long been viewed as a cry for help in a topsy-turvy world.

Another can’t-miss work is Invisible Pool …

Invisible Pool

This piece often leads visitors to question their own reality.

These and other works must be seen in person to be appreciated, and so I can collect an admission fee. I can’t guarantee you will love them. I can only guarantee that there are no refunds.

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