Republican Primary Frogs

I have frogs in my pond.  I think they are Republican Primary Frogs.

Republican Frogs
Republican Primary Frogs

You can see 2 very visibly in the picture, but there are actually 3 more hiding in the reeds!  I’m not sure how they got into my pond.  I don’t want them in my pond, but they just showed up anyway.  The nearest body of water is about a half mile away.  It took some effort to get to my pond without an invitation.  Yes, they are entertaining at times, but they are also kind of hard to get rid of at the end of the season.  I have to drain the pond and haul them away to a place where they can safely overwinter. Even after doing that, the next spring I still pull a dead one or two from the pond that just couldn’t stay away.

On top of all that, how am I sure that they are Republican Primary Frogs?  Despite their large numbers, only one is black.

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