Dr. Ben Carson Inks Deal with Comedy Central

Comedy Central can’t wait for Dr. Ben Carson to drop from the Republican primary race. A source inside Comedy Central has revealed that the network has signed Republican presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson to star in a Comedy Central show that is currently being developed for him. Our CC source shared, “Ben Carson is a comic genius, coming up with absurd ideas and inane concepts, all delivered in a deadpan fashion that we haven’t seen since Stephen Colbert was performing as a conservative reporter in The Colbert Report. From abortion to immigration to sexual orientation to Nazi Germany to, well whatever topic he addresses, Carson is capable of ad libbing with entertaining utter nonsense.”

What could potentially derail Comedy Central’s plans is that Carson is actually atop the Republican primary polls in Iowa, and he may actually gain the Republican nomination and be elected President. When presented with that scenario, our CC source was nonplussed. “Carson is obviously not taking the Presidency seriously, so even if elected, we feel he can fulfill the demands of our contract while still serving as President,” our Comedy Central source responded.

The Carson Report?