Immigration Explained

Now that I am an ordained minister, I feel it is incumbent upon me to explain and sermonize about humanitarian issues like immigration. I can easily explain the basics of immigration thanks to this drawing I found on Twitter.immigation

But there is so much more. For example, this picture doesn’t even begin to address the use of “unbelievable vehicles” by the Mexican drug cartels.

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Foul Play

The NBA is having a little trouble with the new immigration rules as some NBA players may be affected when they travel to Toronto for a game with the Raptors, and then try and return to the USA. The NBA is also anticipating trouble for its Basketball Without Borders Global Camp, scheduled to take place during this weekend’s upcoming All Star Game activities.


The NBA does not appear ready to scrap that program, but may just tweak it a bit …

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Trump Tough on El Niño

The El Niño weather pattern has been making some people happy this fall with some needed wetter weather in California and warmer weather in the northern USA, but Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is not pleased. Trump expressed his displeasure at a recent campaign stop:

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Dr. Ben Carson Inks Deal with Comedy Central

Comedy Central can’t wait for Dr. Ben Carson to drop from the Republican primary race. A source inside Comedy Central has revealed that the network has signed Republican presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson to star in a Comedy Central show that is currently being developed for him. Continue reading “Dr. Ben Carson Inks Deal with Comedy Central”