And Then There Were 3 … Stooges

Now that Jeb! has exited the Republican Presidential primary race, we are left with 3 legitimate contenders: Donald Trump, Ted Cruz & Marco Rubio, the 3 Stooges of the Republican party.

In no way do I mean to besmirch the legacy of the 3 Stooges with that analogy. I love the Stooges and sometimes like to look at the world through the eyes of Curley. But if I were to assign a Stooge to each of the remaining Republican front-runners, who would be matched with whom?

Unequivocally, Trump would be Moe. He’s been slapping, punching, elbowing and eye-gouging the other candidates all during this primary season. Spread out and make way for Moe Trump.

I liken Marco Rubio to Larry. Poor Larry rarely got a good line in the Stooge shorts, and he was often on the receiving end of violent mayhem. Marco’s prerecorded talking points that he recites robotically reminds me of some of the drivel that Larry often got handed as lines in the Stooge shorts. And Marco has been a pretty good punching bag for all the candidates.

There is no way I will associate creepy Ted Cruz with either Curley or Shemp, both comic geniuses despite their differing comedic styles. There is absolutely nothing funny about creepy Ted Cruz. He is a weird, dangerous, creepy dude. Therefore, Ted Cruz gets tagged as Stooge Joe Besser, the unfunny, weird & creepy Stooge. Joe_Besser_2

Now if only what these modern Stooges say would make as much sense and make us smile as the originals did.



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