Halloween Hijinks

I hope you all had a fun Halloween. We started celebrating the scary holiday by attending Halloweensteen, a Bruce Springsteen tribute concert performed annually by Chicago native singer/songwriter Michael McDermott. It appears to be a beloved Chicago tradition that I had never heard of before with many repeat attendees. Now I know why. The show exceeded our expectations. There’s a big difference between a bunch of local musicians forming a tribute band to mimic an artist’s music and a professional musician like McDermott assembling other professional musicians to interpret and perform another professional’s songs.

Our seats were outstanding. The last time my wife and I were at the excellent and classy Park West concert hall, we stood and swayed through a show by Brit pop-rocker Dave Edmunds. However, my wife has knee issues worse than me, so I called ahead to check and see if we could be guaranteed seats. Well, not only were we provided seats, but they were just off to the side of the stage on a padded bench in a handicappped section. We had a great view.

There was a bit of a problem as drinking progressed at the 2+ hour show. I’ll explain.

Dancing started, mostly women, with some of them dancing right in front of us. It wasn’t too much of an issue, and I mentioned to my wife that at some clubs you have to pay money to have women dance right in front of you … or so I’ve seen on TV.

Halloween itself was busy in our neighborhood, but less busy at our house than at other houses. Why were groups of small children being guided by their parents right past our house? We decided it must be signs of the times. These signs specifically …

Those signs clearly identify us to any Fox News watcher as pedophile, child-trafficking, baby-eating Democrats. I mean, come on, who else would support a candidate named Raja? Build the wall! (Between the US and India?) Hey, maybe Republicans are right. We did allow our 14 year daughter to dress as an Angel of Darkness.

The end result is that we were left with more candy for me to gorge on yesterday. Do NOT expect any clever weight loss posts in the near future.

And speaking of signs, Republicans planted some candidate signs at the back of a Democrat neighbor’s yard facing a busy street. It’s a key location with one of our Democrat candidate’s signs already there. I got the neighbor’s permission to remove the Republican signs. One of them I can recycle when all of us good Democrats collect our signs and responsibly recycle them after the election. However, the other sign is a plastic bag sign for the Republican extreme far-right gubernatorial candidate. Those are not recyclable. After some thought, I hit upon the perfect use for that plastic bag sign. I cleaned up after our dogs in our yard.

Now the candidate and his sign bag are both full of the same thing.


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