My Non-Tide Pod Facebook Challenge, Part 2

After yesterday’s Part 1 post, I am sure that most readers would have preferred if I had taken the Tide Pod challenge to eliminate any possibility of a Part 2. Sorry, but here it is. Let’s get right into another 6 albums that shaped my musical landscape.

royal scam

Before Steely Dan fans stone me, I know this is not their best album. But it was the Dan album that caught my attention with the funk of “Kid Charlemagne” and opened my eyes and ears to their whole catalog. No regrets. Listening to Steely Dan has helped refine my musical sensibilities.

I regret I never saw them in concert. Walter Becker has now passed away, but Donald Fagen is still touring as Steely Dan. I don’t feel good about that. I think he should tour as Donald Fagen or Steely or Dan, but not Steely Dan. RIP Walter.

Now this next guy looks out of place on this album cover …

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The Day the Music Died – Part 2, Sunday

Despite missing out on concert nirvana on Saturday, I awoke Sunday morning knowing that I would be at a concert that night, for free, accompanied by my lovely wife and complaining 10 year old daughter. When we dragged our youngest to a Cheap Trick concert, the only part she enjoyed was the raccoon working the trash can.


I knew that traffic would be negligible and parking would be free since the show would be in our local concert hall. I had received the good news on Saturday.

Rising Tix

Now what the heck is The Rising? It sounds a bit like a Stephen King movie.

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Darkness on the Edge of Trump

Kudos to Springsteen cover band, The B Street Band, that announced they will NOT perform at the Trump inauguration. I almost feel bad about poking fun at them in a recent post. But they were not blinded by the light, and have removed themselves from the festivities.

However, Team Trump is not giving up easily.

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Born to Run … Away Holding My Ears

Finally, the Trump Team secured some big time talent for one of their inaugural balls. Get ready Garden State Ball, it’s Bruce and the E Street Band …



My reaction exactly. The lead singer does bear a vague, overseas-knockoff resemblance to Bruce, but that is definitely not Clarence on the sax. Turns out I read that wrong. It’s not the E Street Band, but the B Street Band. Take a listen …

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