Darkness on the Edge of Trump

Kudos to Springsteen cover band, The B Street Band, that announced they will NOT perform at the Trump inauguration. I almost feel bad about poking fun at them in a recent post. But they were not blinded by the light, and have removed themselves from the festivities.

However, Team Trump is not giving up easily.

The B Street Band is incredibly successful as a Springsteen cover band, so successful in fact that they actually have spawned their own cover band, the Thunder Roadies. No, Team Trump didn’t book the Thunder Roadies. They refused to cancel their appearance at the Weisman bris this weekend. Team Trump was able to snag the Thunder Roadies cover band, the Tenth Avenue Freak Outs.

Tenth Avenue Freak Outs at the Watertown Corn Festival playing the Thunder Roadies version of the B Street Band rendition of Uptown Girl. Wait, that’s a Billy Joel song.

I hope they play “Cover Me.”




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