Born to Run … Away Holding My Ears

Finally, the Trump Team secured some big time talent for one of their inaugural balls. Get ready Garden State Ball, it’s Bruce and the E Street Band …



My reaction exactly. The lead singer does bear a vague, overseas-knockoff resemblance to Bruce, but that is definitely not Clarence on the sax. Turns out I read that wrong. It’s not the E Street Band, but the B Street Band. Take a listen …

Many questions come to mind, more than my fingers could type without cracking and bleeding dry. Here’s just a few:

  1. Isn’t it enough to play Springsteen songs? Why would you have to play a “Whole Lot More” if you are the premier Springsteen cover band?

  2. Why is the second song in your promo video not a Springsteen song? I love Orbison’s “Pretty Woman,” but what about more of the Best of Bruce Springsteen?

  3. Song #3,” Disco Inferno?” Nothing says “I got us a wedding band to play a Presidential inaugural ball” more than that.

  4. I recognized Song #4 as “Oh What a Night,” but could honestly not remember that Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons made it a hit. Some useless trivia is that normal lead vocalist Valli did not sing lead on that song or on any Springsteen songs.

  5. Can pseudo-Bruce do a worse Paul Simon rendition to painfully end the promo video?

  6. Shouldn’t the title be “The B-Street Band: A Whole Lot More of Crap Renditions of Wedding Songs and an Occasional Bruce Springsteen Song?”

This band should feel right at home with the other losers attending any Trump ball. This will be the type of crowd that will enjoy “Born in the USA” as a celebration of Making America Great Again rather than recognizing it as the war protest song it is. Enjoy your moment in the spotlight B-Streeters, and we’ll see you at the Parsippany, NJ Holiday Inn for the Weaver/Billingham wedding in February.

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