The Day the Music Died – Part 2, Sunday

Despite missing out on concert nirvana on Saturday, I awoke Sunday morning knowing that I would be at a concert that night, for free, accompanied by my lovely wife and complaining 10 year old daughter. When we dragged our youngest to a Cheap Trick concert, the only part she enjoyed was the raccoon working the trash can.


I knew that traffic would be negligible and parking would be free since the show would be in our local concert hall. I had received the good news on Saturday.

Rising Tix

Now what the heck is The Rising? It sounds a bit like a Stephen King movie.

According to their website, “The Rising is a brotherhood of friends, some with ties that date back nearly two decades.” That doesn’t help. That still could be a Stephen King movie or some sort of remake of The Big Chill. Reading on, “… they take the stage more like a gang, than a band.” Still Stephen King. Maybe the Arcada Theatre’s promotion helps …

The Rising

There we go. The Rising is a Bruce Springsteen tribute band. I like Springsteen and my wife LOVES Springsteen, although she forgot that I had once taken her to a Springsteen concert. Sigh!

There was another option. The Arcada was also giving away tickets to a show earlier in the day featuring Tony Danza. Yes, THAT Tony Danza.

Tony Danza

Who can resist soft shoe and ukelele music? Me. But I was mildly interested in seeing The Rising to semi-salvage my concert weekend.

Talk about an easy drive. There was no traffic and the lot I usually park in was empty. Where was the throng of free ticket lovers that normally pack the Arcada for ticket giveaway shows? When we reached the theater lobby, something seemed off. Concessions were not open. Popcorn was not popping. Sliders were not sliding. Nachos were not … well, nachoing.

We were standing in the will call ticket line when we heard the news … The Rising was missing in action. They never showed up. I knew from their website that they played the day before in French Lick, Indiana. Maybe they enjoyed the French licking so much that they stayed an extra day? Regardless of the reason, The Rising was nowhere to be found.

The Arcada Theatre was offering refunds or more tickets to other events. Considering our tickets were free, I quickly calculated that the better option was free tickets for us. I checked the shows that were being offered for free. I politely declined. I did not really want to see the Bay City Rollers next Sunday night. Maybe, if it had been S A T U R D A Y night.

On second thought, regardless of the day of the week, I really do not want to see the Bay City Rollers in 2018 playing that song.

Bay city rollers

I did spot some interesting shows coming up though.


I would absolutely see Blue Oyster Cult on October 12th if the price was right (free). In late October, excellent guitarists Yngwie Malmsteen (easy for you to say) and Eric Johnson are passing through town for shows. On November 2nd, Carl Palmer, sadly the only surviving member of Emerson, Lake & Palmer, returns with his excellent show that I have seen before. But why is Paul Anka (October 22nd & 23rd) singing Sinatra songs and not his songs? And who is Uncle Louie (October 28th)?

The show that definitely piqued my interest takes place on October 21st … The Three Stoogues (sic) Live! It looks like we will get to see “the Dad from Back to the Future.” Does that mean notable actor Crispin Glover is coming to our local theater?

crispin glover

Maybe it is the dad from Back to the Future II & III?


In a promo video for this new Three Stooges Live show, I spotted that very guy …


Here’s the whole promo video from Curly’s grandson …

The promo video left me speechless, and that takes a lot. But I did like one of the comments.

3 stooges kiss

I am not sure what I find more interesting … the fact that she needed to mention this in response to the promo video or her wildly incorrect use of the apostrophe.

I’m not much of a prognosticator, but I would suggest that The Rising interest in this Three Stooges Live show would have to be due to that promo video. Let’s just hope they show up on October 21st.