A Hair-Raising Opportunity

I saw that a new cure for baldness has been approved by the US Food & Drug Administration.

I can see why that little one may have an interest in the new drug Olumiant. But what about me? I am also follically-challenged. Do I have an interest in it?

In fairness to myself and loved ones, I decided to take a look at the possible side effects before swallowing a bottle of Olumiant pills. Here’s what I discovered.

I had to decide whether to go through life very sick but with a full head of hair, or continue to split hairs in a desperate attempt to appear to have more.

I decided to ask my wife’s advice.

Well, that was a mistake. I thought about taking the drug and not telling her, but she might get suspicious when I’m putting up my new man bun.

Maybe if my body looked like that, my wife wouldn’t care if I was a sniffly, acne-covered, tired, nauseous, shingly guy with a great head of hair. I guess we’ll never find out. Oh well, back to creative combing and swirling.

And isn’t a man bun sort of a combover swirl, just with more hair?


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