Trump’s Wisconsin Mistake

The political gasbag pundits on TV can analyze all they want how super PAC’s derailed the Donald Trump campaign for at least a little while in Wisconsin. They missed what really was Trump’s downfall, but the people of Wisconsin did not.

It happened at a campaign stop in Ellsworth, Wisconsin, the self-proclaimed Cheese Curd Capital of Wisconsin.

curds curds curds 2 of hoffman.jpg
If it says it on a sign, it must be true.

Cheese curds are a regional “delicacy,” small bite-sized nuggets of soured milk that are a bit rubbery in feel and squeak against one’s teeth. Mmmm, sounds great, right?

cheese curds - mixed

At the campaign stop in Ellsworth, a reporter asked Donald Trump how he felt about curds. Well, that got the Donald going on a rant about how he didn’t trust the Kurds and felt that they were a part of the current Muslim threat and had no place in Wisconsin or anywhere in the USA. The disappointed crowd dispersed quickly and the news spread across the state that Trump wanted the curds/Kurds out of Wisconsin.

I’m not a fan of Donald Trump or Ted Cruz, but I have to ask this question. Are cheese curds any whey for a presidential election to be decided?