Weighting Out Winter

The last time I updated you on my efforts to reach my weight loss goal of 20 pounds (for those of you still living in medieval times, that comes out to 1.43 stones), I had fallen short in September. I was stuck at 17 pounds at the end of September after really working out hard that month. With cooler weather coming, I faced the prospect of no more swimming workouts in the convenience of our backyard pool. I am simply not up for a nice winter swim as some are.

Canadians, eh? And I cannot handle this exercise below freezing …

I tire easily of winter cycling. Get it, tire? Anyway, I knew I needed to transition to more indoor workouts as the weather deteriorates into a Chicago winter. But I didn’t just want to hang around the gym.

I figured I would quickly get bored …

I wanted to find some exercise that I could get excited about, like this little guy …

Booyah! But then I got discouraged and thought to myself, “What’s the point?” I had figuratively worked my ass off in September only to find that I hadn’t literally worked any of my actual ass off.

I fell into a deep malaise. After cleaning the malaise off my pants, I tried to find an indoor exercise groove that would be comfortable and effective. I initially looked to combine work and exercise which produced zero results.

But as the days went on in October, I stopped looking. The weather held. I could still walk and bike outside. Yes, I was down a bit in steps/pedals from a strong September.

But my weight was holding steady at 17 pounds down, despite Halloween candy. And then the weather held through November. However, I gained 2 pounds in November thanks to leftover Halloween candy, nervous eating during the election, and Thanksgiving, despite my steps/pedals being down just ever so slightly.

Now here we are in December with the sun shining, no snow on the ground, and high daily temps well above freezing for as far as my phone weather app predicts. Next week, we may hit 52F/11C. Wow, that just seems colder in Celcius. So, I’ll be walking outside as much as possible in December, and incorporating more treadmill and elliptical workouts into my routine.

My plan is to gain weight. It’s inevitable. I add weight every winter. My body is telling me to hibernate. I’m considering it. But my plan is to gain less weight than I’ve lost. I figure I have 3 months of winter weather ahead of me until the weather breaks in March. If I can gain less than 5 pounds per month over the next 3 months, then I will start Spring 2021 weighing less than this past Spring. It sounds like a terrible plan, but it’s all I can figure out. I don’t expect December to go well. You know who’s coming, right?

Correct. And you know what that means …

December will be a challenge. I’ll let you know how it goes.


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