Weight Until Spring

I tried. I really tried to reach my goal of 20 pounds lost before fall. But I’m solidly stuck at 17 down as the cold, wet weather has rolled in. I upped my daily steps in September to this daily average for the month …

I even added more interval training. I delayed blogging about this lack of weight loss until mid-October just in case all my effort in September took a couple weeks to kick in. Nope. I am stuck at 17, which sounds like a good title for a teen movie where the star doesn’t age past 17 and has to watch as all his or her friends and family grow old and die and … never mind. Terrible idea.

So, now what after not meeting my goal? I pondered whether my weight is ideal where it’s at, but self-administering this test tells me I still have a ways to go on my weight loss journey.

My new goal is to not add all 17 pounds back over the next 5 months. I haven’t quite figured out how to do that as my winter craving for chocolate, carbs, chocolate, bread, and chocolate (the 5 major cold weather food groups) has started to kick in. I know I have to stay serious about my steps and remember that a treadmill is not a chair and these steps do not count.


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