Hoping 2021 is Worth the Weight

Happy New Year to you all as I wrap up my Twelve Days of Blogging. When last I checked my weight in an act of public self-shaming, I had gained 2 pounds back from my summer & fall 17 pound weight loss. I hatched a crazy plan to gain less than 5 pounds per month during the 3 winter months, and I would then start Spring 2021 weighing less than last year. Even nuttier is that’s the plan I’ve decided to follow – weight gain. It’s the only plan I have. Winter weight gain is inevitable for me. The best I can do is minimize it.

I knew December would be hard. By the end of the month, my diet had turned almost exclusively to a focus on the 4 holiday food groups of cookies, chocolate, caramel, and eggnog. My workouts had faded as Christmas activities and a bathroom renovation took precedence over self-care. Unfortunately, the numbers don’t lie …

After failing to meet my 10,000 step goal in December, I tried to finish 2020 strong on New Year’s Eve. I put in a solid 40 minutes on the elliptical, and after that, this was a definite possibility …

But I actually picked-up the weights and used them … and did some crunches … and some planking … and some weird movements that I call push-ups but definitely aren’t. It made me feel slightly better about myself the day before my weigh-in.

The results are in after my weigh-in this morning. One winter month down, and my weight is only up one pound. Success! I’m thrilled. So, I’m going to modify my plan slightly. I’m going to try to gain only 2 pounds per month over the next 2 months. If I can gain only 5 pounds over winter, it will be the start of a very Happy New Year for me. I’ll keep you posted. And speaking of a Happy New Year, here’s a 2021 wish from someone who has seen more New Year’s Days than anyone ever expected.

Keef will be featured in an upcoming blog post, but I’m taking tomorrow off since I’m physically and emotionally spent after finishing my Twelve Days of Blogging. I hope you enjoyed them. See you Sunday with a new Mite Be Funny cartoon and some Mite Be Funny news.


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