A Twitter Mystery

As the election cycle heats up, Russian Twitter bots are starting to swarm. If I get a new follower with a Twitter name including a long string of numbers, bad grammar in their tweets, and pro-Trump tweets, I’m pretty sure that it’s a Russian bot. They get an automatic block. I follow an outstanding political cartoonist, @repeat1968, who imagined what those pro-Trump Russian bots look like …


Terrifying. I always keep my eyes to the skies now.

When I got the following notifcation from Twitter, I immediately thought “eat” because I was hungry at the time. And then I thought “bot” because of the Twitter name. But that’s when the mystery started. Take a look …


That long string of numbers was a bot clue, but only following 2 people? That’s not botlike.

And then I saw this …


My new, mysterious, possible Russian bot Twitter follower “liked” 10 of my tweets that are all nonsense from this blog. Well, at least this purported bot has good taste. That earned them a stay of execution from Twitter blockage.

The Sherlock Holmes in me was stirred. Who else did Yolo follow? This account …


In turn, that account is followed by The Ear Buds, the podcast Twitter account that my oldest son records with a buddy concerning the music industry. I think this juicewrld999 account is a musical act of some sort. At least they have a website that sells t-shirts and the like.


Of course, the 999 Club upside down is the …


Allow me to translate. The would be Q N L and then backwards C which I think is a Russian letter 666, the mark of The Beast and also the Kushner Properties street address of their building on 5th Ave in NYC. Coincidence?

Once again, that little voice inside me told me something wasn’t right. It said, “eat.” I was hungry again. I ate. And so, it remains an unsolved mystery to this day, which is one day and 300 words in this blog post after I discovered the mystery. If only there was someone I could recruit who could help solve this mystery …