A Twitter Mystery

As the election cycle heats up, Russian Twitter bots are starting to swarm. If I get a new follower with a Twitter name including a long string of numbers, bad grammar in their tweets, and pro-Trump tweets, I’m pretty sure that it’s a Russian bot. They get an automatic block. I follow an outstanding political cartoonist, @repeat1968, who imagined what those pro-Trump Russian bots look like …


Terrifying. I always keep my eyes to the skies now.

When I got the following notifcation from Twitter, I immediately thought “eat” because I was hungry at the time. And then I thought “bot” because of the Twitter name. But that’s when the mystery started. Take a look …

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Breaking News? Really?

The Washington Post and NY Times both are reporting that Donald Trump gave highly classified information to the Russians during their recent visit to the Oval Office. Is this really “Breaking News?” Fox News sees no story and is running highlights from the White House Easter festivities on their shows tonight …

trump easter

Pay no attention to the Russian in the Easter Bunny costume.

Meanwhile, CNN and MSNBC are trumpeting “Breaking News” and acting like Trump just sold the nuclear codes on eBay. This is really not “Breaking News.” Trump is heading out of the country next week. One stop, while not on the official itinerary, will be a quick trip to Russia for a scheduled job performance review with his boss, Vladamir Putin, where he will undoubtedly turn over that classified info and so much more. “Breaking News?” More like “Expected News.”

Everyone in the Trump Pool!

New office pool idea …

So far, Mike Flynn and Paul Manafort from Team Trump’s administration and campaign have retroactively registered as agents of foreign governments.

Gather your cube farm co-workers together and everyone gets to randomly select a current or former member of the Trump campaign or administration. Or make it even more fun and hold a Team Trump “draft” where your cube mates can select Team Trump members themselves. Winner is the one whose Team Trump selection next registers or is arrested as an agent of a foreign government. Since there will be many more identified as agents of foreign governments, there can be second and third places prizes, too. Not allowed is Donald Trump. We all know he is a current Russian agent.

(Tip: I’ve got all my money bet on Carter Page.)