I Spy, Part 1

I was indoctrinated to the world of spying and international espionage at a very young age through shows like I Spy.

Spy I

Bill Cosby? Yes, that Bill Cosby! Maybe he first learned about roofies when doing his research about spying for the show.

There was also The Man From U.N.C.L.E. back when I was very young.

spy uncle

Let me clearly state … I was VERY young back then.

Thanks to the Trump administration and TV shows like The Americans, being a Russian spy seems to be back in vogue again. I think I might be able to be a good spy.

I can make my eyes very shifty, although I do get a little dizzy after a while.

spy eyes

And yes, that is an actual picture of me.

I can also make myself virtually invisible.

spy ignored

It tends to happen a lot at parties, and especially when I start talking about my fantasy football team.

If I need to make a quick getaway, I can do it.

spy ignored disappears

And then disappear virtually unseen.

spy invisible getaway

In this scene from The Americans, it looks like spies need to be able to pack well.

spy packing suitcase

Hey, I travel for business every month! I can kill this, so to speak.

In conclusion, I think I need to seriously consider changing careers and becoming a spy. Now the question is for what country I’ll be doing my spying. I’ll ruminate on this question and be back to you in I Spy, Part 2 with my ruminations.


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