I Spy, Part 2

Yesterday, we all decided that I was well-suited to forge a new career as a spy. But for what country or group? ISIS would be easy. They’ll recruit any nutjob like me. Well, I certainly am NOT going to be doing any spying for ISIS for one very important reason.

Those heavy robes worn in the Middle East look really hot, and I mean that in a temperature way, not a fashion way.

spies robes

I think I’d get a little swampy under those robes in hot weather. Although, I have to admit the robes aren’t any worse than topcoats like this one Bogart wore so well in Casablanca, a great spy movie.

spies bogey

At least under the robes, there doesn’t need to be anything else.

With a name like Flanigan, maybe the Irish Republican Army (IRA) would be a good spy fit for me. But the IRA has split, merged and re-formed more times than the Rolling Stones and Fleetwood Mac combined. I want some stability in my spying career, and I don’t eat enough potatoes.

I guess it would make sense to offer my spying expertise to my own country and spy for the USA. I’m just not sure if I spy under the Trump administration and current Republican rule if I would be spying for the USA or for Russia.

spies cartoon


So that makes my decision simple. I’ll spy for Russia. I may have to change my party affiliation to the GOP to fit in.

spies GOP Russia hat

And if Democrats are successful in taking back Congress in November and taking down Trump, then I can always defect back to the USA, a hero.