Finding God

With my wife still ill yesterday morning, I decided to do a solo reconnaisance mission to scope out a church. We’re still looking for a new one to attend. This one seemed to have the right theme, although maybe a bit obvious …


I was so excited to see this as the first song of the service …


And then I was disappointed when it was not the Fleetwood Mac song featuring the sultry vocals of Christine McVie. I would definitely be down for a church worshipping Christine McVie’s vocals.

The people were friendly enough. One woman made it a point to tell me that they really aren’t a cult. Hmmm, what would have ever given me that idea?


First, the fire ritual service for young and old alike. Then, brunch!

I did perhaps discover my first concert of 2020 to attend …


The price is definitely right.

I rather liked the service and the message. The sermon was a scathing rebuke of fundamentalism without attacking fundamentalism, but by extolling the virtues of liberalism. It resonated with me. However, I didn’t find God. I didn’t find myself. I barely found my way back home. But I did find a concert to start the year, and maybe a place to drop by on some Sunday mornings when my old liberal soul needs nurturing.