Best Hotel Ever?

I was on the road again this week, and may have discovered the best hotel ever. Okay, so maybe some Trump Hotel properties are nicer, am I right?

vomit baby


I walked into my hotel behind a business dude all dressed up in a fancy suit. I saw him look at me with a bit of disdain. In fairness to him, the jeans I had on were super-faded, threadbare, and frayed. I am sure the biz guy was wondering who the homeless guy behind him stole the nice luggage from that I was rolling behind me.

The biz exec checked in as a Gold member. I saw the welcome sign in the lobby with his name on it under the Gold Member column … right next to my name as a freakin’ Platinum member. The hotel counter worker greeted the biz dude with “Thank you for being a Gold member.” I wanted to somehow, someway keep the businessman in the lobby as I bellied up to the counter to check in just so he would hear the counter guy greet me with, “Thank you for being a Platinum member.” Yes, I can be that petty. However, I let him exit the lobby and I had to be satisified with my Platinum member bonus points.

I was a little bummed until I saw this on my hotel room door …

Hotel elite

Yes! Recognition. I felt like a freshman at a university with my dorm room door decorated.

dorm door

I love to swim, but most hotel pools up north here are chilly in the winter. Not this hotel’s pool. Warm and sanitized with salt rather than chlorine. Salt pools are great for the skin. In the winter, my skin is normally a ghastly grey color with a slight jaundice tinge. Kind of Voldemortish.


While my skin and I were pleasantly surprised with the pool, I was positively thrilled with the free breakfast. Normally, I do my best to squirrel out extra food in my pockets, hands, & mouth from the breakfast room to feed me the rest of the day. I invariably draw the disapproving glance of the breakfast room staff. But not at this hotel. They actually provide bags to take their food.

Hotel bag

I was able to pack an apple, 2 mini muffins, a Greek yogurt, multiple tea bags, chocolate milk, and 2 bananas into the bag. I didn’t even need to eat the travel banana I brought on the trip. And if you don’t normally travel with a banana, you’re missing out. The banana has to be the #1 travel fruit, just edging out the orange due to being less messy.

Was my business trip a success? Meh. Who cares? My hotel experience was great. I’m already planning my January return.