Fantasy Domination

If you are reading this blog post while wearing a ball gag and handcuffs, I am sorry to tell you that you have been misled by the title. I am talking about fantasy football domination in my family league like this …

Fantasy Domination.jpg

Can I get a booyah for a shutout?


Thank you. I don’t know which one of my Trump-loving relatives runs that Bye team (and what a terrible name for a fantasy football team with no logo whatsoever), but that team sucks. They scored nothing against me last week. Total fantasy domination.

But that was last week, and I only have a couple more weeks left in the season to tweak the Trump-lovers in my family fantasy football league with clever team names and logos like last week’s Collusionistas.

GOP shirt

I wanted to hammer (and sickle) the Russian connection more, so here is my new team logo …

GOP Gang of Puppets

As for the name, I considered Gang of Putin, but I thought that might be overkill with the USSR logo in the logo. Yes, I know the USSR no longer exists, but the spirit lives on in a Putin-led Russia. I settled on Gang of Puppets to make clear that the GOP is doing Russia’s bidding these days by backing Russian asset Donald Trump. The chaos that Russia is sowing in the USA and around the world is being ignored by the GOP, likely due to kompromat that Russia has on Republican leaders like Donald Trump. Oh yeah, there are also those huge campaign contributions from Russia funneled through the NRA to Republican candidates.

Wow, this blog post has gone from mildly amusing to confrontational and accusatory. I better stop now before I say something like “ебать тебя” to Vladamir Putin and his cadre of spies and agents working to destabilize the world. Oops, there I go again.



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