Microtel All

I had never stayed at a Microtel hotel before. I had always been leery of the ‘micro’ part. Was it a very small hotel, or was it a hotel that catered to very small people? I wasn’t sure, but I booked a night at a Microtel in Springfield, IL due to the very small nightly cost.

I was ready for anything, even this.

hotel pod

It looked nicely normal as I walked into the lobby to check in. The indoor pool is always of interest to me, and it was right off the lobby, so I took a peek at the pool. Uh-oh. This sign poolside explained a lot.


2’6″? Really? I’m 6’1″ tall. Is this a pool for people who don’t want to get wet above the knees? Is this a pool for people who are recovering from severe abdominal surgery who can’t get the incision wet? That seems almost too shallow to swim. And then there’s the size of the pool.

Microtel Pool2

It’s really small, about 16 feet lengthwise. That’s the diameter of the pool we put up in the summer. Only 330 laps to the mile! That assumes I could swim in a pool that shallow without my belly dragging on the pool bottom.

And I think they need more that a ‘NO DIVING’ warning. How about a ‘NO FALLING’ stenciled warning? Don’t dare fall in that pool or you may crack your head open. There’s not even enough water in the pool to splash. So I decided that Microtel hotels are probably for very small people. And then I looked in my room.

Microtel Bed

Wow, that’s efficient. The bed on top of the dresser drawers. It could be even more efficient if the bed was in the dresser drawers.

seinfeld drawers

I’m just kidding. That was a weird sitting area by the window. It was a normal size hotel room with normal beds.

Microtel Beds

That is a picture of the beds in my second room. My first room had a surprise waiting for me on the bed by the pillow. No, not a chocolate.

Microtel Roach

That’s a roach. In defense of this hotel, it was small and sort of sluggish. I delivered it to the front desk and they moved me to the second floor, presumably because roaches are afraid of heights. The hotel’s General Manager was going to call me regarding the roach. Yes Tom Petty, the waiting is the hardest part.

In general, the room was fine, although the TV was set at a rather jaunty angle.

Microtel TV

I couldn’t watch it too long without getting a kink in my neck. I could work that kink out in the pool if only I could actually swim a lap in it.

pool small