The End of Fantasy

All football season long, I have been tweaking my Trump-loving relatives that I play with in my family’s fantasy football league by choosing anti-Trump names for the team. Last week, my team name was the Gang of Puppets.

GOP Gang of Puppets

I still go back and forth as to whether I should have named the team Gang of Putin. Oh well, both work.

I wanted to finish off the season with a good name and logo. I considered The Indictables or The Indictmentals using a Roger Stone pic as the team logo.

Roger stone head


That is one goofy looking head. I think it is a done deal that a Roger Stone indictment is imminent. But I had already featured Stone as a team logo, or at least his Dick Nixon back tattoo.

roger-stone-back tattoo

I skipped another Stone team name and logo. I have tried to make my team names and logos topical. Trending in the news now is this pic …

Steel slats

That’s the new “steel slats” concept border fence the USA may fund that is apparently acceptable to Donald Trump as an alternative to his concrete border wall that Mexico was supposed to fund. Coincidentally, Steel Slats was my professional name when I worked in the adult film industry many years ago.

Anyway, I liked the idea of The Steel Slats as my topical team name, but the team logo was sort of dull. I think this addition made it more interesting and perhaps even a foreshadowing of events to come later.

Steel Slats

Go Steel Slats!