My Dead Fantasy

The dream is over. When I last blogged about my family league’s Blue Wavers 40 fantasy football team, it had pulled itself out of last place and was stacking wins on the way to the playoffs. Go Blue Wavers 40!

blue wave

Except, the Blue Wavers 40 didn’t make it. Four straight wins to end the season was not enough to snag the last playoff spot, snatched by a nephew (no longer a favorite) on a tie-breaker. And to think I did a reading at his wedding. After ripping the final playoff spot away from me and stomping my heart into a red gelatinous puddle, he better not ask me to do a reading at his divorce.

But I do get to play on. That means it is time for a team name change to the …


Here’s our new team logo, guaranteed to tweak the Trumpsters in my family’s fantasy football league.

GOP shirt

I get to play on in the “Consolation” Bracket. Well, there’s no consoling me. It’s the Loser’s Bracket to me. But I will do my best to become the winningest loser or losingest winner, one of those two. I’m pretty sure I won’t lose this week.


Fantasy bye

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