A Father’s Fantasy Love

My team’s fortunes in my Trump-lover-filled family’s fantasy football league have taken a turn for the better since changing my team name and logo to the Blue Wavers.

blue wave

My team continues to win and finds itself sitting 1 game out of the last playoff spot with 2 games left to play in the regular season. Call it superstition or stupidity (they may actually be used interchangeably), but I am keeping my team name as Blue Wavers for another week as long as the wins keep piling up. However, the team is now Blue Wavers 38 as even more House seats have fallen to Democrats amounting to a net gain of 38 House seats. How are these election results still coming in? Do they have preschoolers hand-counting the ballots?

But my fatherly love was tested thanks to my fantasy football team this week.

While my oldest son and I both field teams in the family league, we consider that a secondary league to our respective primary leagues. We both have the same quarterback, Jared Goff of the LA Rams, as the quarterback in our primary leagues. Jared Goff is on a bye this week and not playing. What to do? We discussed early this past week. We agreed that Tampa Bay Buccaneer quarterback Jameis Winston was the right roster add for this week. That may sound tedious, but at least it keeps father and son from discussing when son will come get all his crap that is stored in father’s garage.

I knew I was playing my son’s team this week. I resisted the urge to beg/bribe him to throw the game. Then I saw he had the same quarterback quandary in our league. There was Jared Goff as his quarterback. I had no such problem in the family league, but could have picked-up Jameis Winston to block my son from grabbing him. Fatherly love won out over competitiveness, and Jameis Winston is now my son’s quarterback as his team faces me.

We discussed it on Thanksgiving. My son told me that if he was in my spot, he would have grabbed Jameis Winston to keep me from taking him. Thanks a lot, and about your stuff stored in my garage …

I’d like to think it was a father’s love that kept me from taking Jameis Winston away from my son as quarterback. However, it may actually be a hope that Winston gets replaced at quarterback by Ryan Fitzpatrick again this season. Or that he throws a stupid interception like he is often inclined to do.


Or maybe fumbles due to tiny Trump hands.


Or displays his petty temper (what, another Trump reference?) and gets pulled/ejected from the game.


All very possible, and Winston being involved in at least 1 of those is highly probable. A father’s love? Perhaps, but maybe more like Winston experience. He was my quarterback early in the season and I dropped him. Game on.

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