Democracy is Healthy

This whole democracy thing is really getting me healthy. The precinct I serve as Democratic Precinct Committee Person is large geographically. There are some large homes on large lots. I already blogged that some of the driveways of the larger homes are longer than the street I live on. I can’t efficiently walk from home to home, even if I drive into the neighborhood. My trusty old bike is the best way to quickly travel from door to door in some neighborhoods in my precinct.


As I traveled to the far reaches of my precinct on my bike shortly after dawn one day, I encountered this …

Dem sunrise b

I stopped and enjoyed the scene and solitude for a while. As I looked around, I saw I was surrounded by wildflowers.

Dem Sunrise a

I enjoyed my brief rest stop and could feel my mental health improve, but then again, my mental health is a very low bar.

My mental health got another boost when one of the people I met on one of my voter canvassing rides asked me why I was doing it. I immediately answered, “I have five kids and I don’t want to leave a nation like this for them.” He liked that answer, and I liked that the answer came to me without thinking. Then again, speaking without thinking is what I do best.

But what about my physical health? Well, I’m still overweight, but I completed a triathlon this past Saturday. I swam 1 mile, biked 22 miles, and ran 6 miles. OK, so I walked 6 miles. Isn’t walking just very slow running?

You may be wondering about my time. 5.61 hours over 7 days. See …Triathlon There was a time in my life I did such triathlons in 1 day over the course of fewer hours. As I have aged and become wiser (again, low bar to start), I discovered it is much easier to do the triathlon over the course of a week rather than all in one day. Duh!

Regardless of how long it takes, this canvassing for the Democratic party is getting me on feet and on my bike, walking & riding to see Democrats in my precinct. I have to admit I have not swum to see anyone yet, but a cool dip in the pool after walking or cycling sure does feel good and a few laps helps me stretch out. Only 333 laps to the mile in our small pool!

I’m definitely enjoying some better health thanks to the democratic process. The nation should also enjoy some better health after the election in November.

Resist. Vote. Win.