Trumpatized 2018 v2.0

About a month ago, I introduced you to the rap song that I thought would send me to the Grammy Awards to pick up some hardware for Best New Artist or Whitest New Artist, one of those two. Feel free to take a listen again to Trumpatized 2018 v1.0. Heck, I even picked out a rap name to use.

That has not worked out as planned. Nobody is interested and my wife refuses to call me by my rap name of J-Saggy. And then it (or my wife, I’m really not sure which) hit me. If v1.0 failed, it couldn’t be because of the content and brilliant lyrics. The reason had to be because a Canadian recorded it. This country is so intent on making America great again that new music coming from Canada will likely be ignored. There was only one solution …

Trumpatized 2018 v2.0 … 100% MADE IN THE USA! So I know this rapper in St. Louis and …

What’s that? How do I know rappers in two different countries? Well, when you’re “in the music business” like I pretend to be, your name gets around the pretend world-wide music community and you get to know other people pretending to be “in the music biz.” There, that should satiate your curiosity/nosiness.

Anyway, if I may continue, I connected with a rapper in St. Louis who calls himself Antwone, because that is his legal name. He was up to the task of taking Trumpatized 2018 and making a patriotic American version. It took a while for Antwone to finish the song since he took my rap poem and twisted it in knots, changed lyrics, added lyrics and made it an actual rap song. Oh, and his wife had a baby while he was in the middle of the song which delayed completion. Priorities!

Without further ado (or in this case maybe adon’t), I present you with Trumpatized 2018 v2.0.

Go ahead, streaming is free. Buying will cost you.

Lookings free

So my Grammy plans are back on, except I’ll be accepting the hardware with an American this time, instead of a Canadian. That is, if he can take time away from his new baby and family. He must. I insist. For America.


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