Trumpatized 2018, v1.0

You probably didn’t believe me when I wrote that I needed a rap name for when I collect a Grammy for best new rap song. I think I have settled on J-Saggy, although KY-Jelly still intrigues me. Finally, at long last, here is the upcoming Rap Song of the Year, Trumpatized 2018, v1.0 …

Don’t be afraid to click the link and stream the song for FREE. So that’s my Canadian rapper buddy Omar Allwood interpreting my Trumpatized 2018 lyrics, hence the v1.0. Should I do a YouTube video? Just hit up J-Saggy with your thoughts.

Now there is supposed to be a Trumpatized 2018 v2.0 from my St Louis rapper buddy Antwone. I have heard a sample and it is lively, angry and kinda’ fun. However, Antwone and his wife just had a baby, so the song is delayed due to Antwone having his priorities screwed up. I guess he also might not want to be on the Grammy stage with Omar and J-Saggy/KY-Jelly. Can you blame him? And why does an old white dude like me have rapper buddies across North America? Do I sound more interesting and mysterious than I really am?

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