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I am always surprised at the direction life can take a person. Who knew that I would be needing a rap name for when I accept the Grammy for best rap song of 2018? Allow me to explain …

You may recall I am somewhat involved in a musical project called Sunsets Rising. What’s that you say? You were trying to forget? Sorry. Anyway, our latest project involves a song that will have some rap lyrics. You may ask how an older white male (shouldn’t I be focused on supporting Donald Trump’s efforts to Make America Great Again?) got involved with a song that includes rap. I didn’t write it that way, but my collaborator had just seen Hamilton, so he got inspired and arranged my lyrics into a song that includes some rapping. There was even some discussion about whether I should actually perform the rap part. The sound you may have just heard is Tupac Shakur turning over in his grave. Anyway, that got me poking around at some rap lyrics I had written in early 2017.

I am sure readers will fondly recall my rap poem called Trumpatized. Hello, anyone there? Anyone remember that? Sigh! That was the reaction I received when I did my best some minimal promotional efforts. It went over like Trump’s rhetoric before the Congressional Black Caucus.

However, I continued to believe in the power of my lyrics. More accurately, I am as stubborn about my creations as Trump is about his wall. I updated it to Trumpatized 2018 and found a Canadian rapper to record it, or at least tease me unmercifully with promises of recording it. I know at least he is real and he raps. Here’s a link to one of his songs that I really like.

That would be high praise coming from me if my opinion mattered, which it doesn’t, or so I am told by just about everyone, and certainly everyone in my family. My love for rap normally begins and ends at the Beastie Boys with songs like this …

Such fun. So it did come as a surprise to me that I liked the Canadian rapper’s work, or is my opinion on his work clouded by the fact that he was the only person stepping forward to record Trumpatized 2018? Regardless, if it is recorded, I will need a new rap name for when I grab a Grammy for best rap song of 2018. There is no way that a Jim Flanigan can accept the Grammy. James Flanigan sounds minimally better. I would have to come up with a rappier name.

J-Daddy came to mind first along with the accurately self-descriptive J-Puffy. A friend suggested J-Crewey. For readers outside the USA, J Crew is a clothes retailer here in the States. I do wear clothes, so that kind of fits, unlike most of my clothes. But I think I have settled on the name that most accurately reflects the true Jim Flanigan at this point in life today … J-Saggy.

I am hopeful that I can share Trumpatized 2018 with you in the near future, whether you are ready or not to be one of the first to hear a future Grammy winner.

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  1. I could definitely imagine myself as Flanie Flave. My wardrobe would suggest more of a Flannel Flave, but I’m sure the royalties from Trumpatized 2018 will allow me to expand my wardrobe beyond the $5 Wal-Mart factory seconds bin.

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