Challenge Yourself

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I saw that Trump was running a new MAGA Challenge.

Maga Challenge

What do you get if you lose? 2 visits to the White House to meet that moron?

My mind spun (as always) with the possibilities of what Trump might be challeging us to do. Here’s a partial list of what I came up with …

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Trumpatized 2.0

FREE download of Trumpatized at Great arrangement and recording by St Louis rapper Twon Ali of an anti-Trump rap poem I wrote. I am very hopeful that this is the last day that this song has any relevance as Democrats take back Congress tomorrow. Download FREE and enjoy or stream on Spotify.


An Inside Look at Hamilton

It may be hard to believe a cheapskate like me paid to see Hamilton, but I did this past weekend. Too bad I didn’t get a ticket for my wife. She would have enjoyed the show.

Just kidding. I got us both tickets, and excellent seats. Here’s our view from the first row of the mezzanine …

Hamilton Stage

I would definitely sit there again. But as I sat there, I became obsessed with the seats in this section …

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Trumpatized 2018 v2.0

About a month ago, I introduced you to the rap song that I thought would send me to the Grammy Awards to pick up some hardware for Best New Artist or Whitest New Artist, one of those two. Feel free to take a listen again to Trumpatized 2018 v1.0. Heck, I even picked out a rap name to use.

That has not worked out as planned. Nobody is interested and my wife refuses to call me by my rap name of J-Saggy. And then it (or my wife, I’m really not sure which) hit me. If v1.0 failed, it couldn’t be because of the content and brilliant lyrics. The reason had to be because a Canadian recorded it. This country is so intent on making America great again that new music coming from Canada will likely be ignored. There was only one solution …

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Do It

It has been a while since the musical supergroup project I am part of called Sunsets Rising dropped a new song on this unsuspecting world. First, there was my head injury if you remember that blog post that also contained unabashed plugs and links for more music from Sunsets Rising. Three months later, and I still have vision issues and numbness in my face. Go ahead, make a joke about me likely having numbness in my whole head based on the quality of my blog posts the last three months.

The head injury gave way to the holidays and those gave way to one of my collaborators working on some solo music about losing a running race to a guy in a Gumby costume. He calls it Running Gumby.


Yep, that Gumby, and he did a nice job with the song. Once he was done with that song, he started work on a very vanilla rock song with a semi-catchy hook that I had written called Do It. Finishing Do It should have taken no time at all, except my songwriting collaborator decided that Do It needed to contain …

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