Do It

It has been a while since the musical supergroup project I am part of called Sunsets Rising dropped a new song on this unsuspecting world. First, there was my head injury if you remember that blog post that also contained unabashed plugs and links for more music from Sunsets Rising. Three months later, and I still have vision issues and numbness in my face. Go ahead, make a joke about me likely having numbness in my whole head based on the quality of my blog posts the last three months.

The head injury gave way to the holidays and those gave way to one of my collaborators working on some solo music about losing a running race to a guy in a Gumby costume. He calls it Running Gumby.


Yep, that Gumby, and he did a nice job with the song. Once he was done with that song, he started work on a very vanilla rock song with a semi-catchy hook that I had written called Do It. Finishing Do It should have taken no time at all, except my songwriting collaborator decided that Do It needed to contain …

Rap Lyrics. That’s right, a song by old white guys containing rap. I was envisioning this getting plastered on our first Sunsets Rising album.


That is assuming we can ever finish enough songs for a whole album. Has any group released an album of songs one at a time? At the rate we’re going, the Running Gumby song is starting to sound like a pretty good candidate to include in the album.

I admit that Do It as I wrote it was a bit short on lyrics. I was hoping for some instrumental solos in the song, like a lot of them. But rap needs lyrics, and so we collaborated on the rap lyrics. Maybe compromise is a better term for what we did. He grudgingly agreed to some lyrics that I had written that he didn’t like, and I held my nose and accepted some lyrics that he wrote that I didn’t like. Somehow it worked to our amazement and relief. How did Lennon and McCartney do all their collaboration on classic, timeless songs? Oh right, they had all sorts of talent that we don’t.

Anyway, we took the song’s message to heart and made sure to Do It. We hope you like its positive message and most interesting arrangement, complete with rap lyrics. Click on the following link to open a player and stream Do It free.

I do have to warn you. There’s even more rap ahead, and we may need that explicit label after all. Stay tuned.