A Concerted Effort

Little did I know 3 days ago that after a summer of zero concerts, I would have 3 under my belt in 3 days. I already regaled you with tales of seeing the legendary Dave Mason, albeit briefly, in concert. Feel free to pass the story, soon to be legend, down to your grandchildren. With no budget for concert tix left in 2018, who could I possibly see perform for free?

Two words for you … Local Bands. Those two words strike fear into the hearts of discerning music and concert aficionados. Thank God I’m not one of them.

The night after the Mason show, I dragged my ten year old daughter and two of her friends to see a concert in our town by Blast From The Past. My daughter and friends were eager to go for several reasons:

  • The could all sit together in the back seat of the car.
  • They had money for food and soda pop.
  • There was a playground behind the stage.
  • They could run wild without adult supervision because after raising five kids, I’m a bad parent who just doesn’t supervise well anymore.

They had no interest in the music, which was technically and artistically well done. With six brass instruments, their sound is rich and full-bodied, just how I like my music and women. Here’s a sample from their website …

My biggest complaint was that they didn’t play Chicago’s 25 or 6 to 4. How about that 1970 live version in the link? Now what band with brass doesn’t play that great song? And in the Chicago area, too! I guess this one. They made up slightly for that omission with a nice version of Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars.

Last night was time for yet another concert; one I both anticipated and dreaded. I hauled my wife and two of my daughters for some food and another free concert in our town. There seems to be music all summer long in our town. Where the heck do I live anyway, Woodstock?

Anyway, this concert would feature the live performance debut of one of the songs I have co-written. I was anxious to hear it performed live by the 3G Show Band. This concert would kick-off their 2018 Summer World Tour, right in our home town. Their next live tour date would coincidentally also be in our home town at an athletic shoe store’s event. Wrapping up their 2018 Summer World Tour before the school where they teach starts up again would be a show at an outdoor patio of a restaurant, also oddly in our home town. But make no mistake, our home town is part of the World and last night featured the 3G Show Band in all their splendor …


Here’s another shot so you can see the juggler that decided to horn in on their performance …


Dave Mason sure didn’t have a freakin’ juggler performing with him. Or maybe he did. I forgot, I left early.

Anyway, I knew the 3G boys had been having some trouble with getting the song right in rehearsals, and it was with some dread that I offered to video the performance. It is normally at this point in my blog that I would post a link to a YouTube video of the live performance. However, the rehearsal woes carried on over into the live performance. The mix between instruments and vocals was way off, and I swear the two guitarists were playing in different keys. So instead of the live video, I will leave you this link so we can all recall how Do It was meant to be played.

Wait, that’s all wrong, too. I wrote the lyrics as a hard rocker, and now it is a soft rapper. I swear that someday, Do It will properly rock, and no jugglers allowed!

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