A Concerted Effort

Little did I know 3 days ago that after a summer of zero concerts, I would have 3 under my belt in 3 days. I already regaled you with tales of seeing the legendary Dave Mason, albeit briefly, in concert. Feel free to pass the story, soon to be legend, down to your grandchildren. With no budget for concert tix left in 2018, who could I possibly see perform for free?

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Stuck in the Middle

A follower of this blog and a dear friend (more like a brother, but not the brother that borrows your power tools and never returns them or gives you nut punches, but the sensitive, artistic, loving bother that would do anything for you including lending you money, hint-hint if you are reading this “bro”) has agreed to let me use this picture of his finger in a blog post for the express purpose of merry mirth-making.


Covered with the giant novelty bandage, you would think that he severed his finger and it has been surgically reattached with the hope that he may be able to point directions to lost motorists sometime in the distant future again after years of physical therapy and pain dulling opioids that I wish he would share with me. However, the bottom line is …

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